Some of the comments from Amazon:

“Smits moves the reader easily through past, present and future to watch the process of dying and of being “re-born” in a way I’ve not encountered from any other author.”

“This book leaves you pondering a lot about life and death. What happens when the body dies? Where does the spirit go? It also leaves you questioning and asking yourself “how long before this premise is a reality?”… Excellent book that will leave you saying “WOW”.”

“You should read this book just for the cello in the subway bit. Or the well written, really likable main couple. Or the friends who are there for them – him – her – it? The first chapter grabs your attention and doesn’t let it go – much the way Vicky did to Matt. I especially liked that Vicky/Sandy was written as a strong woman, and not seen as competition but a companion and Matt is able to admit when she is indeed smarter than he.”

“This book would be great for book groups since it lends itself so very well to discussion. YOU should read this book. Now.”

“Smits does it again. Transports the reader to a different way of thinking about big and little matters. What IS “life”, really? Who’s “alive”?”

“Can’t wait to see the final book, though I will admit, the title makes me apprehensive…”

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