Silence is Golden (at least, that’s my excuse)

Wow – has it been 17 months since my last update?!?  That’s what the website says!  Amazing how an author refrains from writing on a website.  And, my apologies to anyone visiting who thought that I had fallen off the face of the earth.  Fret not – I’m still kicking.

Let me explain you what’s happened.  No, that takes to long.  Let me summarize.  Actually, I’m not going to explain or summarize what happened.  Just what is happening.

  1. You can follow me on Twitter: @authormms.  I’m pretty sure I can put my twitter feed on my website, but haven’t tried yet.  Will do so next.  I also added my Twitter feed to the website, so when I tweet, you can wead (that seems to work better when spoken aloud…).
  2. Book 2 is at the editor, and I’m anxiously awaiting his report.  To be honest, I’m petrified.  He really liked “undying”, but “crossing” is quite different.  Hopefully he likes my writing style, and not just the subject…
  3. I’ll be at the Upper Madison Street Fair 9/23 11-5.  I’ll have a booth where you can come browse “undying”, read a couple of pages of “crossing”, and, as a premiere, read a couple of pages of “fading”, the third and final “act” of the three-book series.  Come stop by if you’re in the Albany area!  See for details.
  4. I’ll be having a book signing in October at Market Block Books in Troy, NY.  Details will follow as soon as possible!
  5. The most exciting: I’m working on the final piece for book 3 (“fading”).  Who knows, if I get my butt in gear, you might be able to own the complete story by April 2013!!!

So there you have it.  I promise I’ll be better at updating the site, and will try to keep you informed much better.  In the meantime, contact me if you have any questions!


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